You are always encouraged to call our Office if you have questions. We can be reached 24 hours a day. When you call our Office after hours the voicemail message will indicate the emergency after hours number to call.

There are many ways to think smart and prevent claims. However if a claim occurs it is our Agency’s goal for you to experience fast, fair claims service from the companies we represent. Please contact our Office if you need our assistance during your claims process.

If you have an incident and are unsure about coverage, please call our Office to speak with your agent and they will assist you.

Some of our companies are Direct Reporting Companies which means they require you the policy holder to contact them directly to report a claim. All have a toll free phone number, you can now also submit claims through some company websites. We also have some companies that are Agent Reporting Companies and those companies require that you call our Office providing us with the detail we submit the claim to the company for you. Please refer to our Report Claim button to the right to find your company and see what their process is.